Each bowl is handcrafted and can be used as beautiful serving bowls or a decorative centerpiece.

Finishes for serving bowls are food safe and can be used for salad, fruit, pasta, bread, popcorn or anything you want.

Painted Desert Red Cedar

Inside of a Walnut Bowl

Spalted Beech Bowl

Natural Edge Cherry Bowl

Maple Bowl

Box Elder Step Bowl

Inside Box Elder Step Bowl

Walnut Bowl

Beads of Courage Bowl

Cherry Cup



Every pen is one of a kind and is made to order. Choose from a variety of local and exotic woods. Metal highlights come in 24K Gold, chrome, Gun Metal, Copper, Satin Gold, Satin Pearl and many more.

If you would like a custom made pen with wood that has special meaning to you, let me know. I’ll be happy to help you create lasting memories.
Osage Orange & Rosewood Pen

Curly Maple

Curly Maple & Cocobolo

Red Cedar

Red Cedar

Various Woods

Fun Mix Up Pens


Zebra Wood


Bottle Stoppers, Key Chains & Other Fun Stuff

Need a gift for someone special or yourself? Choose from beautifully unique bottle stoppers, key chains that have a secret compartment, or one that allows you to disengage one side to hand your car keys to the valet.  The choices are endless. Let me know what you’re looking for and together we can create a gift that will be remembered forever.
Hidden Compartment Key Chains

Single Key Chain

Walnut Bottle Stopper

Box Elder Bottle Stopper


Hand Carved Spoons

Hand Carving spoons is an age old tradition. Wooden spoons can be used for mixing ingredients for cooking, to eat your morning cereal with or just to display.

Food safe finishes are used for all of our spoons.
Maple Spoon

Yew Spoon

Osage Orange Spoon